What Really Happens in Psychotherapy?

Often times we are not aware of our thoughts and our feelings, let alone aware of how those thoughts and feeling are impacting our behavior.  Three of areas of our inner life that we need to understand and monitor are: Thoughts and feelings Levels of anxiety Defenses Thoughts and feelings are often difficult to detect,.. read more →

Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders can affect anyone.  The signs of an anxiety disorder may include: Endless checking or rechecking actions. A constant and unrealistic worry about everyday occurrences and activities. Fear and anxiety that appear for no apparent reason.   Anxiety disorders include the following: Panic Disorder: a sudden, uncontrollable attack of terror that can manifest itself.. read more →

What is Psychotherapy?

Patients often come to psychotherapy feeling that their distress will continue indefinitely. Psychotherapy provides an explanation for the distress that is adaptive — that is, the patient understands that he or she can do something to improve his or her situation. Psychotherapy  leads the patients into healthy actions and improves aspects of their lives, whether it is thinking.. read more →